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Titagya Schools

We are happy to report that the Falcon sponsored schools continue to grow and now support 245 students in three locations throughout Kpong and Kasuluyili. Managing Director, Abdul-Ganiyu has been working with the schools’ eleven teachers to expand the curriculum and enhance professional development skills. The teachers have been collaborating with local community members to engage the students in many hands-on experiences, including those involving agriculture and animals. While the school in Kasuluyili faced water shortage difficulties, they were able to overcome these obstacles by joining with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called World Vision to secure water purification tablets. Recently, Falcon sent a large shipment of Falcon soccer balls, as well as toy tool kits, jump ropes and play food items for the students. Falcon is excited to continue supporting the schools and looks forward to hearing about their continued success.

For more information on the schools, please visit their website at http://titagyaschools.org/.