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Seafood Harvester-Processor

Sponsor-led deleveraging transaction with multiple debt and equity investors and a complex ownership structure

Business Description:

The Company is the leading catcher-processor of Alaska pollock in the U.S. Bering Sea and the largest harvester of fish for human consumption in the United States. The Company owns protected rights to harvest pollock and also holds the right to participate in three other fisheries, including pacific whiting (hake), yellowfin sole, and pacific cod.

Falcon Solution:

Falcon partnered with a private equity group that has a history of successful investments in the seafood industry. Working under a tight timeframe, Falcon provided a flexible capital solution, investing in second lien term loan debt and common equity to support the recapitalization.

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Investment Date:

AUG 2015

Transaction Type:



Food and commodities - seafood


Private equity group


Second lien term loan, common equity

Exit Date:

Current investment