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Residential Security Company

Provide liquidity to founder/owner while allowing him to retain majority control

Business Description:

The Company is a leading direct-to-consumer provider of self-installed monitored alarm systems. The Company is one of the fastest growing alarm companies and has expanded to provide affordable residential security to homeowners in the U.S. In the annual surveys conducted by the leading security industry trade publication, the Company is consistently ranked among the Top Ten companies in residential system installation volume out of more than 15,000 alarm companies nationwide.

Falcon Solution:

Falcon partnered with an independent sponsor and management to acquire the Company. Falcon provided a flexible capital structure during an unprecedented period of uncertainty in the senior market that proved to be critical to the success of the transaction. Falcon invested senior subordinated notes with warrants and convertible preferred stock to supplement the common equity provided by management and the sponsor.

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Investment Date:

JAN 2010

Transaction Type:



Residential alarm systems


Independent sponsor and management


Senior subordinated notes and convertible preferred stock

Exit Date:

Current investment